Basic staging and colour-coding for pressure ulcer management

  • G Schellack
Keywords: decubitus ulcer, pressure ulcer, granulating wound, tissue necrosis, eschar, debridement


The pressure ulcer, or decubitus ulcer, is a well-known and often-encountered form of skin breakdown and tissue damage amongst bedridden and immobile patients, especially those that are elderly and incontinent. These ulcers pose a significant challenge in terms of their care and can become especially difficult to manage and heal. Many chronic, deep and complicated pressure ulcers require specialised wound care products and advanced techniques, and often necessitate a referral to a highly skilled wound care practitioner. However, all nurses must have a basic understanding of the underlying risk factors, causes, mechanisms and wound care principles that are associated with the prevention and management of pressure ulcers.

Author Biography

G Schellack

Pharmaceutical industry specialist in clinical research and applied pharmacology, South Africa

Wound care/Stoma care