The National Core Standards and evidence-based nursing

  • Guin Lourens Provincial Government of the Western Cape
Keywords: National Core Standards, Evidence Based Nursing


A national drive by the National Department of Health to improve the quality of health care through the National Core Standards calls on leadership in the health sector to facilitate initiative and change in practice. The legal context of the National Core Standards for the health sector is the National Health Act, 61 of 2003, which promotes good quality health services, healthcare standards, and ratifies the Office of Standards Compliance. Therefore, the purpose is to set a benchmark for quality of care, and to provide a framework for the national accreditation of health establishments. Quality assurance is gaining in relevance with the implementation of the National Core Standards. A greater importance is also being attached to clinical governance.

Author Biography

Guin Lourens, Provincial Government of the Western Cape
HRP Project Manager Provincial Government of the Western Cape
Leadership/Management/Professional Practice