2014 FPNL, NEA and FUNDISA Conference at Emperor’s Palace, Johannesburg

  • Nelouise Geyer Public Services International
Keywords: 2014 FPNL, NEA and FUNDISA Conference


The 2014 Conference was hosted by Forum for Professional Nurse Leaders (FPNL), Nursing Education Association (NEA) and Forum of University Nursing Deans in South Africa (FUNDISA), and brought leaders in education and practice together for the first time, and with great success! The purpose was to consider new ways of working together towards reshaping the DNA of the nursing profession in South Africa. We were particularly privileged to have the presidents of the two largest international nursing organisations join us for this important event. This was the International Council of Nurses’ (ICN) President’s first official visit to Africa. To address the 2014 conference theme, a combination of the Annual Nursing Education Conference (ANEC) and biennial FPNL Conference brought together the nursing leaders in education and clinical practice for the first time. The fusion of leaders was a resounding success. Delegates experienced a seamless and enjoyable event, even if the organisers experienced a few challenges behind the scenes.

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Nelouise Geyer, Public Services International
HIV & AIDS Coordinator, Southern Africa Public Services International
Conference Report