• Annelie Meiring FPNL Member


2014 set the scene for exciting changes in nursing in South Africa. The long-awaited regulations for the new nursing qualifications were published and nursing educators could start with final preparations for the development and submission of the curricula, as well as the accreditation of the training institutions and clinical facilities for the new qualifications. The uncertainty experienced by registered nurses was a topic at many nursing workshops and conferences. The future of previously registered nurses is still not understood by the profession. The Regulation R195, as amended by R175 of 8 March 2013 (Regulations relating to the particulars to be furnished to the Council for keeping of the register for nursing practitioners, the manner of effecting alterations to the register, and certificates that may be issued by the Council) is quite clear and can be used by managers and educators when addressing the topic. All these regulations are available on the website of the South African Nursing Council (www.sanc.co.za).

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Annelie Meiring, FPNL Member