Subdermal implants: a recent addition to the choice of South African contraceptives

  • Bridget Adams South African Nursing Council
Keywords: subdermal implants, contraception


Implanon® NXT is a subdermal hormonal contraceptive implant licensed for use in South Africa. It is a long-acting contraceptive, effective for three years, with more than 99% efficacy in a population of users. It has a rapid onset of effectiveness and is quickly reversible. It offers safe and convenient contraception with higher use effectiveness than most other reversible contraceptive methods. Implanon® NXT is useful in women who require long-term contraceptive effectiveness without the finality of sterilisation. Age restrictions are not applicable. It can be used by women from menarche to menopause. The following three short case studies outline various aspects of Implanon® NXT as a choice of contraceptive, including the importance of counselling prior to insertion of the implant, and the management of problems associated with the implant.

Author Biography

Bridget Adams, South African Nursing Council
RN, BN(Education), MSc(Nursing) Director Quinhealth cc; Reproductive Health Education Co-ordinator Comficor Professional Development
Women's Health