Are nurse leaders showing the way?

  • Nelouise Geyer Public Services International


Globally the healthcare landscape is changing at a rapid rate due to a variety of regulatory, policy, and workforce trends, which requires differently skilled work forces.1,2 This creates a significant need to prepare healthcare practitioners with a different skill set to meet the changing needs of healthcare. To this end the SA Nursing Council (SANC) has developed a revised qualifications framework for nurses with an accompanying revision of the scope of practice and education and training programmes. While implementation of these changes has been slow, it will require a collective effort by all nurse leaders to ensure the success of implementation. It was Jim Collins3 who said “We cannot predict the future. But we can create it.” The question arises: what does this require from us? There is no doubt that we must do things differently to make sure that these changes work to strengthen the nursing profession to meet the varied and constantly changing demands of healthcare.

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Nelouise Geyer, Public Services International
PhD HIV & AIDS Coordinator Southern Africa Public Services International
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