How intentional rounding and red pegs are the key to an excellent patient experience at Mediclinic Panorama

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This article outlines the implementation and illustrates the positive impact of intentional or structured nursing rounds at Mediclinic Panorama, as well as initiatives aimed at safeguarding patients’ privacy and dignity such as the “Red Peg” initiative; describes how they have improved the quality of the patient experience; and serves as a guide for nursing managers as to how these initiatives can be implemented in a private hospital setting. In today’s consumer-driven economy patients have a choice of hospitals and can “vote with their feet” so it is essential to view patients not merely as cases with particular conditions, but as customers whose experience of care will dictate whether they choose to be treated at the hospital again or recommend it to their friends. Improving the patient experience will not only impact on the bottom line, but also help to improve the overall standard of patient care, safety and level of staff morale.
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