Screening mammography - what your patients need to know

  • Heleen Hanekom University of Pretoria
Keywords: mammograph, screening


Worldwide breast cancer remains the most common cancer in women.1 In South Africa, one in 28 women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime.2 The risk is even greater for specific ethnic groups such as caucasian women where the risk increases to one in 12.2 Over the years the average age of women affected with breast cancer has decreased.3 Early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer is therefore essential. With the use of mammography, breast cancer ca be detected before it is palpable. This aids in early detection of cancers that are still confined to the breast and require less aggressive management.

Author Biography

Heleen Hanekom, University of Pretoria
MBChB (Pret), FC Rad Diag (SA), MMed Rad D (Wits) Department of Diagnostic Radiology School of Clinical Medicine Faculty of Health Sciences University of Pretoria
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