Care of patients with chronic heart failure: registered nurses’ role

  • A Botha University of South Africa
Keywords: Chronic heart failure, nursing care of patient with heart failure, heart failure and palliative care


To care for patients with chronic heart failure is challenging, because of the progressive nature of the condition. The aim of this article is to provide a review of the nursing care of chronic heart failure patients.

The management of heart failure focuses on a combination of pharmacological therapy, nutritional therapy and other interventions. Based on the pathophysiology of the condition, the nursing care of chronic heart failure patients involves continuous monitoring of physiological parameters, monitoring medication administration and side-effects of medication, fluid balance monitoring and assistance with tolerating exercise. Mental health issues, night-time comfort and patient education are also very important.

Finally, palliative care for end-stage heart failure patients is also discussed because it is essential to integrate the idea of palliative care throughout the management of heart failure patients.

Author Biography

A Botha, University of South Africa

Retired professor, Department of Health Studies, University of South Africa, South Africa

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